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Pietermaai 82-84 Willemstad

+5999 6500550

On December 23, 2013, we opened our boutique hotel, restaurant and industrial shop after months of renovation of two magnificent buildings in Pietermaai. For us this meant a completely new challenge in a new environment. In 2003 we left our hometown Waalre in the Netherlands and went to the French Villereal where we wanted to revive Camping Les Ormes. The regular life in the Netherlands wasn’t challenging anymore.  Working long hours at the office, having limited time for our family but most of all: every day seemed the same. We were sure there was another way.


We decided to leaveour hometown to create a new home in the South West of France. As a family we already went to France for holidays, but Les Ormes was new to us. With 20 hectares of land, space for 600 campers and innovative projects every year, we worked hard to make it grow. And it did. The camping was successful and living in France felt like our destiny. But after owning the camping for 9 seasons, we started dreaing of somehing new. It was time for a next challenge. That’s why we decided to sell Les Ormes in 2011 and started looking for a new project.Meanwhile we visited the beautiful island Curacao already a few times on our holiday trips. Now we came back and looked for a perfect place to start our new accommodation, because that was what we wanted. We faced the two impressive buildings in the energetic Pietermaai and fell in love. We immediately knew that this would be the place where our boutique hotel was going to be found. With the perfect location and the two perfect characteristic buildings we could do all the things we wanted.

A few months later we all moved to this tropical island while the renovation was already started from the Netherlands. Our daughter Britt and her boyfriend Edwin followed us. Without them we definitely wouldn't have dared to start this project. Our son Bas stayed in Amsterdam to finalize his study. 

After months of hard work, the moment finally arrived. A beautiful new hotel in Pietermaai was born! We called it BijBlauw because blue evokes the color of the sea and sky which means positivity and happiness for us. We wanted BijBlauw to be the place where people from all over the world would enjoy their stay to the fullest. For us BijBlauw is a refreshing project in which all our energy is absorbed. This adventure adds a new chapter to our lives, but the book is not finished yet!


If we can help you with anything at all during your stay, just let us know.


Sunny regards,

Titia & Ruud van Dijk


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Pietermaai 82-84 Willemstad

+5999 6500550


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